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Meet Dhairya Incorporation

In 2001, Kamal Shah had a vision for a Civil Engineering Firm that would bring innovation into our lives in a way that no other company had done before. This dream came true when Dhairya Incorporation was established that same year. Since then, we’ve worked on many projects with the single goal of providing innovative engineering solutions.

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Since 2001, we’ve gained valuable experience providing our engineering services across a range of sectors. Some of the services we provide include Paint-Jobs, Industrial Epoxy & PU Flooring, Waterproofing, Turnkey Project Execution, Construction Surveying, Building Planning, and each project is designed to fit specific client needs. Our work has far-reaching impacts, and we strive for the utmost in professional and quality results.

We offer a wide variety of engineering services across industries and a range of sectors.

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You Name It And We Paint It !

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About Our Clients

Satisfied Clients And Counting ..........

We’ve dealt with a variety of companies and organizations over the years on dozens of engineering projects. Whether it’s been collaborations with other engineering firms or successfully completed jobs for corporate clients, we’ve done it all. Just have a "GLIMPSE" of it below.



We worked with BARC - India's premier nuclear research facility, on a project. The entire process was a pleasure every step of the way, and we successfully achieved all of our goals.



We worked with INTAS on a project for many months, and the results were much better than expected. It is a valued client and we look forward to make more clients satisfied.



We partnered with SKF to work on Epoxy flooring, multiple paint-jobs, etc. The synergy from joining forces was inspirational, and they look forward to use our services again in the future.


Maruti - Suzuki

We worked with Maruti-Suzuki on a project with multiple phases. The entire dealing was a joy every step of the way, and both of us successfully achieved all of our goals.

Get to know more about the clients we’ve enjoyed working with over the years by contacting us or having a small chat with the AI in the bottom right corner of the screen !

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us to learn more.
We would love to have a talk with you !

NIRAV - 4, Bank Of India Society, Behind H.L. Commerce College, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad - 380009

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